Micro Markets

Micro Markets Washington DC Metro Area

Micro Markets Washington DC How would you like your own convenience store inside your break room? Itís not just an attractive concept, itís reality! With our self-service kiosk option, you walk into your own convenience store right in your break room! On one wall you see glass front coolers filled with your favorite beverages and cold food items. To the left you see shelves filled with dozens of your favorite snacks. Over there are some baskets filled with fresh fruit. And donít forget an ice cream freezer featuring everyoneís favorite treats!

Finally, next to the entrance is an easy-to-use, self-service kiosk. As you walk through the room you collect all the things you want to purchase. When you get to the kiosk you simply scan each item and pay for your purchase using a key fob, a credit card, or cash.

Thatís all it takes to enjoy deli-style meals or countless snacks without ever leaving the office. Our self-service kiosk solution is highly customizable to fit your space and preferences. You can choose from hundreds of product options, including healthier nutritious choices.

We service Washington DC and surrounding communities including, but not limited to, the cities of Rockville, Columbia, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, McLean and Reston.